Maxis Home Fibre Promotion

On-going Maxis Fibre Promotion

Do not know whether to choose unifi or Maxis? Here is the place where you can read the detail of the current offer and then decide it.

There is a Maxis Fibre promotion which is currently available at a very very attractive monthly fee.

With only RM129 per month, you will be able to get an internet connection at a speed of 300 Mbps. This cheap monthly fee is not currently being offered by any other internet service provider (ISPs) in Malaysia.

Please take note that the RM129.00 does not include a 6% service tax. In total your monthly subscription fee is RM136.75.

Pay Less Than RM25 Per Person

TM unifi fibre at a speed of 300 Mbps is currently available at the monthly price of RM159 per month. This is RM30 more expensive compared to the one from Maxis Communications Sdn. Bhd.

If you live with a total household of 6 people, you can share with them and just pay less than RM25 per person. If we divide by 30 days, it is less than a ringgit a day.

Anyway, with a 6% service tax, the average shared RM is well below RM25 per person.

Best Promotion We Should Not Ignore

This 300 Mbps fibre connection is well sufficient for 6 users with multiple devices. Mathematically, on average every user will be able to get a 50 Mbps connection.

Finally, we can conclude that if you are in need of a higher speed connection, then you should go for 300 Mbps.

It is really value for your money and you should not ignore the offer.

Do contact us if you are interested in getting this Maxis Fibre. We will register as fast as you submit your application form and will try our best to select the date of your choice or near your chosen date.

Lower Speed Internet at Reasonable Monthly Fee

If your family is small, for example, 2-3 people in your household, or there is no need to have very high-speed internet, then you can go for either 30 Mbps or 100 Mbps.

However, if 100 Mbps is your choice, you may re-consider taking a 300 Mbps Maxis fibre package as the monthly fee is the same as 300 Mbps.

Get a better speed and pay less for more bytes. Why not?

Good News for Exsiting unifi Users

For existing TM unifi users, instead of getting an RM20 discount, you will get a free 6 months of internet access.

This means you can save RM149/month x 6 months, which giving you a saving of RM444. Can you imagine what can you do with this amount?

You can pay roughly 3 months of your internet monthly subscription. Good deal, right?

If yes, why not contact us an subscribe? Thank you for your support.

No Downtime Migration unifi to Maxis

Many of us probably worry about downtime when migrating fibre internet from unifi to Maxis fibre or the opposite.

Do not worry. The migration is seamlessly done by both unifi and Maxis. So there is almost no downtime during the migration.

Maxis Fibre other than 300 Mbps

For the 30 Mbps Maxis Fibre plan, you can subscribe it for only RM79/month which is RM10 cheaper per month.

However, this discount is only for a period of 12 months and for you save RM120 for a contract period of 24 months.

Any Offer Existing Unifi User

For existing unifi users whose 24 months contract has already ended, you have a chance to get a 3 – 6 months free monthly fee.

For a 30 Mbps plan, you will get 3 months of free subscription, while for 100 Mbps plan, you will get a 6 months free subscription.

With this offer, you can save RM89/month x 3 months for a 30 Mbps plan, and RM129/month x 6 months for a 100 Mbps fibre plan.

Higher Speed Maxis Fibre 500 and 800 Mbps

Comparing Maxis With Unifi

There are two main fibre internet providers in Malaysia, TM Unifi and Maxis Fibre.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of their features so you can decide which is suitable for your home.

Maxis Fibre 30 Mbps Vs TM unifi 30 Mbps

FeatureMaxis 30 MbpsUnifi 30 Mbps
Download speed30 Mbps30 Mbps
Upload speed30 Mbps10 Mbps
Data quotaUnlimitedUnlimited
Contract24 months24 months
Modem and RouterFREEFREE
AvailabilitySame as unifiAvailable in selected areas
InstallationA few daysExactly the same as unifi
Free Upgrade for 6 monthsNoYes
Free 30 daysNoYes

From the table above, we can see these two plans are very similar.

Both offer the same download speed with unlimited data, a free modem and router, and a 24-month contract.

There are two main differences i.e. the price and upload speed.

Maxis 30 Mbps is slightly cheaper than Unifi 30 Mbps and upload speed is higher at 30 Mbps versus unifi at only 10 Mbps.

However, both plans are good options for people who are looking for a basic fibre internet plan with unlimited data.

So in the case of 30 Mbps fibre internet, the best way to choose between Maxis 30 Mbps and Unifi 30 Mbps is to consider your needs and preferences.

As for the conclusion for choosing 30 Mbps fibre internet, you can choose either if you are looking for a basic broadband plan with unlimited data and a free modem and router.

Maxis Fibre 100 Mbps Vs TM unifi 100 Mbps

FeatureMaxis Fibre 100 MbpsTM Unifi 100 Mbps
Download speed100 Mbps100 Mbps
Upload speed50 Mbps50 Mbps
Data quotaUnlimitedUnlimited
Contract24 months24 months
FreebiesFree modem and routerFree modem and router
AvailabilityAvailable in selected areasAvailable in selected areas